Hi! I'm Ashley! This blog has been a long time coming and I am so excited about it :) 
Recently, I have decided instead of sharing just a few things going on in our life, we will be sharing a lot of things.

This ABOUT section is going to touch base on a little bit of it all to fill you in on who we are!

The purpose of this all is to share our story, and most importantly our story from the last several months. 

...So we decided to start this Blog...
During our pregnancy with our second child we were hit with some scary news at our 12 week appointment...where I happened to be by myself. The next several weeks were a complete roller coaster and during the moments I couldn't talk about how I was feeling, I was able to write it. It slowly turned into something I knew I would eventually want to share because while going through it 
I would have given anything to read about another mother's journey.

When we finally got to a point where we felt we could *breath* and enjoy this amazing gift no matter what we went into the hospital at 31 weeks with complications.
A few days later after trying every option available to stop our labor, 
we welcomed our daughter Presley Nicole into the world weighing in at 3 pounds 5 ounces.

This blog will be our way of sharing our ups and downs, our strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly our Journey from being asked if we were going to abort this baby, to watching her prove her strength in the walls of the NICU....a place no parent ever really sees themselves being.

...So How Did We Get Here...
It all starts in two small towns just ten minutes apart. My best friend was dating a guy from the town next to ours....and his best friend was named Ryan. And truthfully thats the start of our story!

When I met Ryan it was just a few short weeks later that my Mother said to me "I think you will marry him!" At the time my 19 year old excited voice declared "You are crazy Mom!" You know what they say though, your Momma's are always right and it didn't take me long to know that she wasn't crazy, and I was going to marry him!

We were young and crazy in love. Looking back now I realize that we were each others BIGGEST cheerleaders. Ryan pushed me to follow all of my dreams one of which was to open a boutique in our small town.....I ran that for a few years and focused on that and Photography. Ryan purchased his first home at 21 and I was so excited to see where we were headed.

Four years in and Ryan finally decided to ask me to marry him :) I of course said yes. We planed our wedding in five short months, it was a perfect day and our lives began! Just shy of our one year anniversary we found out that we were expecting our son. Our lives forever changed on January 9th, 2012 when we welcomed him into this world.

My title now is one that I am so very proud of. I am a wife, a full time photographer, and my most important job is being a mother! My days are sometimes filled with crossing several things off my to do list, and somedays getting nothing done at all and wondering how I am going to juggle my business on my own while battling a wild hearted three year old who is a perfect hot mess, and keeping life not hectic so I an enjoy this itty bitty moments with our sweet girl that every
mothers knows is gone in a blink.

So there you have it.....A little fast forward look into this crazy beautiful thing called life....where I am learning every single day how to open my eyes.....how to realize what is important and what is not, how to slow down instead of rush, how to grasp what I can and what I cannot change....and most importantly how to just
...Be Still...

Buckle up & Enjoy!