Tuesday, February 3, 2015

20 week regular check up!

Usually at your 20 week visit you are getting a sonogram but with seeing high risk soon we will just be doing a check in and no sonogram.

I love coming to these appointments because I feel like I can unload on my regular obgyn. She and my nurse practitioner (who is our close friend) have been so amazing at lending a listening ear. Though these visits are very different than the visits we had during our pregnancy with Mayson, I still feel so comfortable with them.

Right now they review all that is sent from the high risk and basically follow the path that high risk as planed out for us. 

Our doctor told us to take a deep breath...we are closer to this being a part in our pregnancy where we can forget about this roller coaster ride and enjoy that she looks to be very very healthy and growing perfectly.

I am starting to come around to the idea of letting go of constantly worrying.

I will not lie though. I often wonder why this path is set for us. These are supposed to be all ups. But for some reasons we have been given lots of downs and are finally reaching our ups.

One “Up” is that we FINALLY picked a name for our baby girl! 

Presley Nicole Bahr.

I fell in love with Presley one day and shared it with Ryan, but for the life of the two of us we were unable to find a middle name we liked that flowed with it. 

Mayson and I met our friend Andi for lunch and she asked me “Well do we have a name yet, come on!” And I told her about Presley.

She immediately said jockingly “Presley Nicole” and I LOVED IT! I said “Oh my gosh I LOVE IT! Thats my sister’s middle name, and Ryan’s middle name” she laughed and said “And my middle name” and I replied “And Megan’s middle name” another close friend!

Both of my sisters and two of my close friends share the middle name Nicole.......signed sealed and delivered in my book! I called and told Ryan and we talked about it for a few days. Then in the kitchen one night he said he ran into some friends who were pregnant and I jokingly said to him “Well they probably picked my favorite name for their baby” and he said “You mean they have our babies name Presley Nicole” and he smiled and I of course got excited and said “REALLY!???? Are you sure you love it” and he said “Yea thats her name isn’t it” :) 

So that is how Presley Nicole Bahr came to be, and we can’t wait to meet her.  

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