Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Use This Baby For Your Glory"

Sonogram Appointment with high risk (3rd visit)

Ryan and I decided we would go alone to this visit and ask our nurse practitioner to join us. We were so glad when she could go so that we had another set of ears in with us in case anything was to go wrong. 

While the sonogram technician applied the warm gel to my stomach I frantically untangled a cross necklace I had carried and held to every single one of our appointments. I always un-knotted the chain while they were prepping to give us news or see the baby. 

It was almost like a compulsive thing I had to do. Ryan with out fail would hand me the box, I was open it.....un-knot the chain while awaiting whatever news they would give. I typically had it un-knotted before the exams would begin and would hold the cross in my hand after myself and Ryan kissed the cross. 

While doing so the technician rubbed the gel onto my belly and asked me what I was holding. Once I explained that it was a cross that my mother and father gave me when I was young and that I carry it with me because the chain broke during times or worry and anxious moments.

She then smiled and said well then I guess I can tell you what I just did to your belly. 

She explained that she takes the probe of the sonogram and made a cross on my belly without me knowing and prayed in her head “Lord, use this baby for your glory”

My eyes immediately watered! I told her thank you. It meant so much to me and I truly felt that God was showing us a sign. That no matter what was to come, he had her back, he had our back, and we were going to be just fine.

What was even crazier is that I just received the cross custom bracelet from Birchwood Bangles that I worked with the girls on creating for me to wear the day I give birth to Presley. Around the bracelet are light pink/peach toned stones with two beautiful gold crosses. I knew that I wanted this for the day she was born to close out the bracelet collection I started for her and would be able to tell her about the cross we carried to every appointment. 

No longer could that bracelet be for the birth! It had to be for this visit. The fact that she drew a cross on my round belly and shared that prayer with us when I wasn’t sure what bracelet I would choose for todays appointment if we got good news (and even at this point if we didn’t) that bracelet was meant for today! 

We got a little nervous because a lot of time was spent on her heart and mouth area. But the doctor came in and said ALL LOOKED GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! 

I was so happy. Everything about this appointment was wonderful. She looked wonderful. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL and SHE WAS HEALTHY.

The doctor wanted to see us two possibly three more times, which this did not surprise me as our OBGYN mentioned him probably wanting to do so.

We have come this far to let something small go so he wanted to just keep checking to know that indeed all looked great with Presley.

We were then scheduled to come back and see her when I hit 32 weeks. 

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