Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holding onto this moment, Forever.

Tonight while working in the studio on my growing editing list, my husband walked Mayson out to give me a kiss goodnight.

As I scooped up my boy into my lap I realized a few things....

1.) Wow, these days of me scooping you up are numbered. You is getting so big.

2.) How on Earth did my little swaddled 8 pound 6 ounce boy fill my lab so quickly?

3.) Conversing with you changes daily....into conversations that I would have never imagined a almost 4 year old having. You are so special and so smart.

My heart broke a little bit. I felt like time stopped in that moment. He wanted to play hide and seek, so that when Ryan came back to get him he would be hiding under my desk.

While he was hiding I felt like I had a fast forward version of the time I have gotten to have with him. Sort of gawking at how much he had it happened over night. (I am pretty sure if someone had been watching my I would have had that mouth wide open shocked look on my face lol)

He has and is turning into such a sweet little boy. I called him "my baby" and he said "I'm not your baby, Presley is your baby Mommy!" and giggled.

Sweet boy of will always be my first baby, Always.

And even if I can't hold you in my lap, my heart and these special moments I will hold onto forever.

My hope is that these ever escaping days will be less heartbreaking as I watch both of my babies grow. I am happy to see them grow but have a since of sadness to know that the baby stage will be gone so quickly.

It is sort of like home to me....this sweet stage. I hope I remember it, forever.

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